Monday, December 4, 2006

hear all the bombs fade away

In the past month...
i have drunken (drinked, dranked?) 3 naked juices.
i have received two fish as gifts.
i have sent approx. 32 e-cards to family and friends.
i have hand-written 28 letters and postcards to family and friends.
i have gone to the zoo.
i have caught one sore throat.
i have been in 4 states in 1 day.
i have attended two creative concerts.
i have been in the company of my family.
i have seen aaron weiss.
i have written 4 pages of journal.
i have not watercoloured.
i have compiled 3 mix compact discs.
i embarked on 3 bicycle adventures.
i have lost my chapstick.
i have recycled 2 waterbottles.
i have read 2 books simply because.
i have not taken any photographs.
chamomile has become my preference in tea.
i have purchased 5 things from ebay.
i have unearthed my hidden love for the decemberists.
i have not gone iceskating.
the harp has become my favourite instrument.
i have not shaved my armpits.
[perhaps the entire reason for this list was to confess that last one.]

Also, I am a simple. There. I said it. That is something that I suppose people do not perceive about me. They think I'm wise or something. When, in fact, I am not. Maybe I just present things so basically, that it seems complex. I don't know. But I am free. And some of my best times have been had singularly, solely in the presence of the Lamb. And I can afford to be harmless. My Dad is a Tiger.
Walk in hope and love, dear brothers and sisters. Truly know the He is faithful, His plans are bigger, and He is better than the most beautiful you could imagine. He is the reward: the prize at the end of the race, so to speak.

&Diana is weird: thanks for the hug, goodnight!

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