Thursday, October 30, 2014


The days are shorter than last month and in the mornings I wake up in coolness, my overhead fan circulating the night breeze that snuck in between wooden shades & light curtains. Soon it will be time to change my bedspread, to air out the soft down comforter, to let things breathe. Cotton shorts are exchanged for drawstring sweats and sometimes I fall asleep wearing fuzzy socks even though I will tell you this is not possible.

And it has been months since I have fallen into such a routine and sense of normalcy. And, oh, how I have looked forward to these shorter days, the quiet nights, the half-hearted conversations that end just as easily and quickly as they had begun.

"This too, is a gift."

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Little Beast

What started quickly:
Car ride
Adventures for ice cream unravelled

Could just as easily have ended:
"I had a nice time."
"Good night."

But I had other ideas and you didn't seem to mind -
Until it was just as easily
Too much
Too soon.

When we meet again: more friendly//less playful
Lapping the lake twice,
I don't even have to

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Slow Tail Wag

This is a post about my dog and what she teaches me about life. You have been warned.

 I like to think that Dragon mimicked Goose in what I will refer to as the "slow tail wag." The STW is different than a regular tail wag in that it is a constant. Apart from sleeping, the tail is in continuous motion, slowly waving back and forth. In terms of humanity, I like to think of the STW as someone who is content with their life. From the moment they wake up, to the time they lie down: all the minutes in between are lived well. There's something to be said about these kinds of people. (Well, there's probably a lot to be said about them) and I'm trying to think of someone in my life who has mastered the STW that doesn't have a tail.

I know that my life isn't the most exciting or adventure-filled, so I'm hoping the STW will be enough the majority of the time, or at least where I've been as of late. If you know any STW'ers, send em my way.

Friday, October 3, 2014

On Taking the Time and Growing Good and Other Painful Realizations

I had a rough week. Of course there are many reasons for this and if you really want to fight me on it I will not push back and say, "You don't understand!" Because, most likely, you do. And perhaps you've had a pretty rough week too. Let's commiserate. In the grand scheme of things, my week was not rough. But in my little world it was. And I am okay with that. And even though I am just learning how to feel feelings (both good + bad) and express them in appropriate ways, I have found myself overwhelmed with how sharply I am experiencing the aftermath of grief, loss, hurt & in some very strange alternate universe, a lingering fog layer of joy.

One thing I am knowing is this: it is okay to feel! I will not go off on a rant about how feeling hard things makes the good things feel "that much better," because that is not my truth. But I do believe that feeling hard things reminds me of my humanity and returns me to a place of humility that I am far too quick to avoid.

Things take time. Good things take time. I mean really, truely, deep down in my overly-sensitive, gentle heart I believe it. Physical time and all the other forms that time takes these days. It doesn't necessarily make things easier or make those not-so-nice feelings less painful, but it is a comfort. And I will not project into the future, because I have not been given that and I am trying to rest in the every day, but people keep telling me that "good things will come," or "things can only get better!" I know they mean well, but sometimes this cheapens the experience of today. Like, this is happening right now! Enjoy it! (Or hate it if it sucks) But please don't forget to be present. People are worth your time + attention + investment.

Be good to them.