Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Slow Tail Wag

This is a post about my dog and what she teaches me about life. You have been warned.

 I like to think that Dragon mimicked Goose in what I will refer to as the "slow tail wag." The STW is different than a regular tail wag in that it is a constant. Apart from sleeping, the tail is in continuous motion, slowly waving back and forth. In terms of humanity, I like to think of the STW as someone who is content with their life. From the moment they wake up, to the time they lie down: all the minutes in between are lived well. There's something to be said about these kinds of people. (Well, there's probably a lot to be said about them) and I'm trying to think of someone in my life who has mastered the STW that doesn't have a tail.

I know that my life isn't the most exciting or adventure-filled, so I'm hoping the STW will be enough the majority of the time, or at least where I've been as of late. If you know any STW'ers, send em my way.

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D said...

thoughtful. I like it.