Thursday, August 16, 2007

it takes a steady hand to navigate the covetous waters.

I have hardly learned to tie my own shoes, &you are already slipping into your loafers, sliding your briefcase under your arm, &out the door you go. I know that you cannot wait for me. I know you weren`t really around all that much then. So, it is sort of the same now, even. Why couldn`t you have told me about these things? Why did I leave the sole place I considered home?
It was good to see you today, even though I donot quite know what to say any longer.
Agh! I am certainly sorry for that!
I am sorry for being distracted!
I am sorry for being awkward!
I am sorry for being crude&inappropriate&nonchalant!
I would like to drink some cups of forgiveness, please.

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