Monday, June 23, 2008


some times i like to go for long gallops on my pride-full horse,
leaving my faithfull trail mare grazing out in the pasture.
[she needs some rest, any way.]
[we never went on that trip, you know.]
&i justify my rompings with reasons even i cannot combat.
well, i lie through my teeth to redeem my wretchedness.

so you depart with your hunting party,
on that expensively gratis stallion.
&while your rifle remains loaded,
poised to murder any unkind intentions,
mine has been leaked of all ammunition,
in a matter of months!


d.l.s. said...

I truly do adore you.

(And as of late I've been wanting to saddle up. Perhaps a get-to-know-your-roommates activity for the fall.)

c.melissa said...

you know, you are sounding a bit like our dear a. weiss. i like it.