Monday, July 7, 2008


some times i wear dirty shirts &shoes, out of forgetfullness.
& why is that man still playing fetch with his doberman on the lawn?

w: "i cut my thumb! look!"
[i look. minor injury.]
a: "i think you`ll survive. do you want a band-aid?"
w: "nah. but you know what?"
a: "no, what?"
w: "i like my grandfather`s hands."
a: "what do you like about them?"
w: "i like that they`re old and cut and wrinkled. it`s because he was in the war. i hope mine look like that some day."
a: "they will."


d.l.s. said...

Does this have political undertones, or is it just me?

nelly rose said...

and you are the good woman of setswan for helping out with that guitar transaction.

today, in the la plata kitchen, mama and zeppe the puppy:

z: [politely begging sans barking]
m: [handing zeppe leaves of spinach dipped in gorgonzola]
z: [wide eyed and happy]
m: "no dog of mine is going to be anemic"