Sunday, October 26, 2008

on derailment &other inconveniences

i don`t know why there were no names carved at the base of that trunk.
i circled it once, twice, three times: just to be sure.
i might as well have been a spotted barn owl, or rubbery fruit bat-
gliding back &forth, calling out to no thing in the night.
instead i landed in that tree`s tops, &climbed down to the ground.
[i have no wings, you know.]
&with heavy heart and defeated shoulders, trudged onward.

but my only question is this: isn`t there some one, some where, just trembling to sing?!

1 comment:

let's go. said...

they may be trembling to sing
but afraid to belt it out for fear
of what it might sound like after being bottled up for so long.