Tuesday, January 5, 2010


there are so many humans in this world that at times i find it difficult to figure out who needs or wants or desires my energy and attention. oh, i have a few hunches, to be sure, of those i am to be investing in. my blood family, namely, and those beings within 25 miles or so of my door step. but what i mean to say is that i wonder how far my branches are supposed to reach? are they supposed to be stunted, sprouting beautiful dogwood blossoms at every tip? or are they to grow really really high like the cedars of lebanon? would i rather be lovely or have whole paragraphs devoted to my existence? maybe i am supposed to be like the giving tree mr.silverstein wrote about. it didn`t matter what kind of tree she was. not to the boy-man, at least. just so long as he could sit and pick and play and finally, after all that, find out that he was really happy. and so was she. i suppose i would like to be the most like a giving tree. and maybe people within 25 miles of my branches will have need of me. or maybe they will be right under my nose or down the coast or across the ocean. maybe i wouldn`t even have to have branches at all! maybe we could feel the most helpful when we were whittled down to stumps because of all the love we gave a way. it is a thought. any way. i am going to see if american airlines really has a ten million mile club, because i saw up in the air with d and i have been wondering about its existence ever since.


Jenelle said...

the giving tree, stumped. you'll be alright, alright.

darrelle said...

whatever people get to sit next to you, they are very lucky and will be very blessed.