Tuesday, December 2, 2014

On Maybes

I came across a truly lovely quote the other day, via Dallas Clayton's Instagram. (I wish there were another word for this, but alas I digress)

We reserve ceremonies for the definite. The "yes" and the "no," but there is much to be said for the potential of a brave and well-timed "maybe."

Let me tell you what I know about ceremonies and it will be short because I do not know much. I have attended some; been a part of a few and they are good and strange and formal and impermanent all at once. I have yet to be involved in a ceremony that honors the "maybes" of the world. I suppose I would be involved in a lot more if maybes were reason enough to celebrate.

In a few months I will be a part of a ceremony for the definite no. Perhaps if I were more excited about maybes I would be dealing with less of these formalities. Or not.

All I'm saying is I'm excited for more brave and well-timed maybes. For once.

But check back with me tomorrow.

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