Wednesday, April 28, 2004

do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires

Song of Solomon 8:4b
Life as a "young woman" often feels alot like watching someone paint a mural. You stand back, arms crossed in front of your chest, and you observe as the Master Painter and Designer fills in the white spaces of your existence. During childhood He paints things like "learning how to read," "playtime," and "naps" into the picture. A few years later you watch as He adds things like "school," "mischief," and "slumber parties" to the mix. Over time your colors start to blend together, and the beginnings of a true work of art can be seen. But then, in the midst of the work, something catches your eye. In the top corner of the mural of your life you notice a white space-- a glaringly empty white space. Troubled, you approach the painting and begin to inspect the area. Then, with a look of confusion, you turn to the Artist. "Lord, why isn't anything there yet?" you ask. He keeps painting. You keep looking at the white space. "Lord, over here!" you say. "Wouldn't it be fun to paint this part?" He keeps working, unmoved. The white space glares more than ever, and you begin to get upset. "Lord, I would really like it if you could start painting some of this," you say. He doesn't seem to hear you. You try a different approach. "Lord, please?" Still no response. You turn back to the mural, hiding the look of disappointment on your face. Why won't He get rid of this? you wonder. Doesn't He hear me? Surely He wouldn't ignore me, would He? After all, doesn't He want me to be happy? Day after day the Artist works on your mural, but He never once lifts His paintbrush to the top corner-- not even anywhere close to it. And you stop asking Him to. Instead you stare at your own emptiness, each day feeling more and more frustrated. More and more angry. More and more cheated. More and more alone. Your eyes fix on the top corner until they can't blur anymore. Then, with tears welling up and with a heart that hurts, you cry out, demanding an answer from the Artist. "Lord, can't you see all of this white space?" Slowly, deliberately, He keeps on painting.


Katy Shea said...

Hi. I searched for the song of songs Bible verse and came across this blog...thank you for giving this amazing metaphor! it is so beautiful and so true! it is such an encouragement to me to think of my life as a beautiful mural that the Lord is deliberately painting, fixing, and forming into a masterpiece. Oh it's so hard to be patient when staring at the white space! this encourages me to focus my gaze on the parts that the Lord is NOW actively creating!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I was also searching song of songs because I wasn't sure what this refrain meant. Your metaphor really helped illuminate itin a beautiful and relevant way. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this! you were number one on google when I entered this verse!

Darrelle said...

I've never read so far back before. I am going to spend more time catching up on life before I knew you : )

Love you, A. Love this. Crazy, 11 years ago. It makes me think of the Dallas Clayton picture of the hands reaching up towards the rainbow.