Sunday, September 30, 2007


I went to the zoo today. I found myself wanting to push small, bilingual children on swings, &spectate an afternoon-long soccer game. I found myself soaking strips of paper in paste, &expertly layering them over chicken wire. I found myself enjoying an opossum: for the first time in however long I have been alive. They only live up to four years, you know.
Tonight is good for being quiet, &studying stewardly, &living hopefully.


gypsymelodies said...

You know that song. And I'm full of apathy.

But no, the next time I'm home is Christmas... And you?

gypsymelodies said...

Do you want to go to Farmers Market with me today at 3:30? We could longboard from East Beach, or walk from the Pier, or read after... really, so many options:)

gypsymelodies said...

You are not on the book of faces eh? sorry about all these comments... but yes, perhaps sometime we can hang out- like after 4 day? I would like that:) I thought of you today. I longboarded and ate strawberries and wrote a while on the museum steps. It was lovely.

Jenelle said...

I'm glad that you two are sisters.

I'm glad that you ventured to the zoo and saw something new.

I'm glad that I am in your state, just down the road, now.