Tuesday, November 27, 2007

50 gallon fish tank

I want every one to eat three full meals today.
I want us to utilize public transportation &bicycles.
I want every car I see to have at least 5 people in it, unless it can seat more.
I want my heart to be still when I pass older, Hispanic gentlemen.
I want to have quality dialogue with strangers.
I want to put up lost &found signs for the family whose retriever went missing.
I want to rest fully.
I want His whispers.
I want to love more simply.
I want to live more sincerely.


d.l.s. said...

Edgar and your Pax can help you. Hummer once told Parula, "I believe God speaks through the birds" and I think it just might be the damndest truth.

gypsymelodies said...

most strange dreams i had last night... and you were in one... and after i saw you, i just kept whispering, "i want his secrets- his softest secrets."

and i woke up whispering it.

In love with lousy poetry said...

Always love.

nelly said...

luxury. words.