Thursday, November 8, 2007

our old neighbour with four cats.

I hesitated to think about the future today.
But then your letter came. &I wasn`t so afraid.


In love with lousy poetry said...

Beloved, I cannot wait for our love nest and hotcocoa. Missing you most comes with cold weather, I guess.

gypsymelodies said...


went on a walk for an hour in the mist today, like Jane Eyre or Jane Austen. And thought- would you want to walk sometime this week, especially if the weather is like this? Because we could you know, in an afternoon, just for half an hour or an hour or so. Let me know. The weeks are counting down my friend.

gypsymelodies said...

Very much I would; unfortunately I have class from 8-3 on Thursday. But after 3:30, if you'd like, or Monday/Wednesday after 12:35, or on the weekend. Sometime?