Sunday, January 20, 2008


i want to hear little baby coughs
&puppies so excited that they puddle on the floor
&wrapping an old ticking clock in a warm blanket
so you feel closer to your mama`s beating heart
and the neighbourhood that is home.
oh, what to do with this curious in-be-tween?


gypsymelodies said...

An almost-birthday letter for me. So simple and pretty. Thanks.

d.l.s. said...

I'm not so sure this is in-be-tween. I'm pretty sure it is life.

peregrine said...

you are ever lovely. one day you will be a mama and your daughters will hope for the warm blanket and the beating clock.

lisa said...

and we have a very excitable puppy who piddles on the floor every time she greets us. because it was raining so hard on the day we collected her, we gave her the Maasai name, Nalotuesha, which means "She came with the rain." however, i am tempted to change her name to Norkulak, which would mean "She of the pee." heavy sigh... still, we love her!