Friday, February 15, 2008


when i saw you for the better part of the day, the sun was all ready beginning to rest.
but you had so many things to do while she was awake,
i didn`t mind. &i still don`t!
you are afraid i will get lost in your lack of difference,
of beach town alfredos,
&home town desserts,
of breaking mountain passes,
&seeing a life more hope-filled than you or I?
oh, but i have grown to love those vagabondish wanderings
in the constancy of your heart,
&good intentions foiled,
swiss army knives forgotten,
&baby bobcats bounding across our paths!


lisa said...

How frequently your words are full of grace.

gypsymelodies said...

true that.

and i am going on a silent retreat with mark & lisa's group. and i wish you a lovely 4-day, and would still like to talk...