Friday, May 23, 2008


He timidly opens the door &peeks in. He`s wearing this colourful scarf &he introduces himself. "Hi, my name is Jose. I`m going to water the plants for you. It will be a long weekend." I mutter some thing to the effect of 'yes...please...gracias[?]' Jose is my favourite grounds worker, but he`ll never know. &that`s all right. Isn`t it? Is it all right to be favoured ambiguously? Is it all right for me to look just a little bit longer when I see a weathered face in hopes of catching sight of that scarf? "What`s your family like? When was the last time you were home?" What good can come from this innocent faithfullness?

What good comes from a foggy may day? It is colder now than it was this morning. &as I sit comfortably in a climate regulated this my excuse for the state of my heart? Oh! SomeOne teach me what it means to love warmly again!

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