Tuesday, June 9, 2009

magic vs. lake(r)s

reasons why orlando beats los angeles,
a list by arianna nelson.

1. magic beats every thing. even the natural world.
2. the lakers have already won 14 playoffs [los angeles/minneapolis]
3. shaquille o'neal [kazaam, anyone?]
4. kobe bryant, pau gasol, & sun yue [where has he even been?!]
5. jackson's got enough wins under his belt, let`s give van gundy a chance [wouldn`t hurt to have more than an eastern conference to show the kids]
6. if nothing else, let`s do it for jameer


Kristin Michelle said...

i forgot you're from THAT state..i feel obligated to make my own list now...stay tuned feathery friend.

Kristin Michelle said...



Brandon said...

It seems there is a list war going on here.