Friday, June 12, 2009

on not being very good at waiting

i am a sucker when it comes to the waiting game. lately though, it seems to be occurring more often than i care to admit. see, i'm not very good at being patient; with my family, that boy, or my friends. it makes sense then that this "virtue" is what i`d be plagued in to dealing with. & yet i`m still stuck here, ignoring the background noise of the jonas brothers live in central park.
i`m trying to be positive, but it`s been over a week, it`s friday, &i`m still here.

regardless, i overhear a middle-aged man confess: "we just got married not too long ago, and she doesn`t really like flying alone."

tender, truth, &twenty years over due.

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d.l.s. said...

I've been waiting a week too you know!