Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Follow your heart.

Sometimes when people say, "Can you believe it's already (insert month here)?!" it really bugs me. Yes, I can believe that it's already the current month that we're in. Duh. Look at the calendar, yesterday was the day before and next month will follow approximately 30 days or so later. I guess it surprises humans, in general, how quickly a couple of days, weeks, and months go by. Again, with my busy theories.
B and I will have been dating for approximately 1,095 days this coming Sunday. THAT IS A LONG TIME TO ME! But I don't think I've said to anyone, "Man, can you believe we've been together for 3 years?" Or, "I can't believe I've almost known him for 4..." I also don't think I've found it unbelievable how long I've known D or E or S or K or G.
Some days do go by quickly, but lately I have been feeling every day's 24 hours in 60 minute increments. I have also been reading alot of fiction over the past 2 months, mostly from the perspective of a woman, so that could have something to do with it.
I see things differently than most people. Not in a creepy way, just a different one. I am still learning that there are a lot of things I don't know or understand about people, in general. So, I am sorry if I have behaved poorly around any one. I, also, am hopelessly introspective. It is no excuse, but it is a start.
I don't know if this is necessary to share, but it's the first time I've been down to the Mesa Starbucks, so I might be a little over-stimulated, what with the peppermint hot chocolate and all. And besides all that, there is a group of "moms" (I assume) having some sort of PTA meeting minus the T.

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