Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Keep Talking

So we got another dog. I'm pretty sure raising puppies is a gift, and if so then Christmas came early to the Hardgrave household. Also, on a side note, I asked Dragon to come over to her pee pads and told her to "go potty." SHE PEED ON THE PEE PAD ON COMMAND. WTF. I feel like I can do anything good! If you have not had this experience, you are in for a real treat. I suppose if you can housetrain a puppy, you can do pretty much do anything. Also, everyone is instantly your best friend. Drivers rubberneck and risk traffic collisions, cyclists back pedal and runners will jog in place to stop and greet your tiny friend. You don't think this happens where you live? Okay, you're right I've never been to the moon, so I might be making a generalization about the earth. I find it terribly intriguing the effects a 3 lb. mammal can have on the human race.


Meg said...

So I know I will have two kids soon, but honestly two puppies sounds so overwhelming to me. Bravo :)

ellerrad said...