Monday, October 22, 2007

but you can reach me.

A time of contrast would be previous ¤t attitudes towards humans.
The good, uncommon reality is that there are those apart from your very self who are certainly capable of keeping confidence and trust.
Now, if you think, like me, those people are few and far between, well, perhaps you are right.
But may be there are more than you once thought.
&may be you are not quite the man or woman or child you are going to be.


In love with lousy poetry said...

Oh, Sufjan. <3.

lisa, far away said...

i turned 45 last week. i'm hoping that this year, as i journey toward 46, well, i'm hoping i'll be more me than ever before.

it takes so long to become who we are.

i was me when i was 20 and 25. yes, i truly was. but i'm more me now.

gypsymelodies said...

That is a good, good song.

Would it be weird if I asked if we could take your car on Sunday? I'm starting to be afraid we won't be able to get there.

Is missing a show a silly thing to be afraid of?

Jenelle said...

hello? are you coming to Los Angeles on Sunday???