Saturday, April 12, 2008


i`m going to start writing more.
i`m going to call home more often, &ask my dad how his day went.
i`m going to show diana, &sarah, &elise that i love them tangibly.
i don`t know how yet, but i`m going to do it.
i`m going to be a faith full pen pal writer, &keep using my mama`s college typewriter.
i`m going to go to bed earlier, and wake up feeling more a live than usual.
i`m going to start listening to good music again.
i`m going to listen to the same album over &over, for as long as i want.
i`m going to take thought-filled, intentional walks in the hills.
i`m going to go trail running or leaping or bounding.
i`m going to converse with children, in hopes of improving my vocabulary.
i`m going to study the elders, in hopes of gaining wisdom.
i`m going to start being a good steward of my money.
i`m not going to worry about it. [i think that`s a good start.]
i`m going to live more simply.
i`m learning to love Y(?)ou more.

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gypsymelodies said...

yes, these are good things. you are becoming, arianna.

and thanks for that mary oliver poem. i had actually already copied it down from your blog (and sent it to amanda & jenn, already!). but now i have a little excerpt of it for me, too.

you are lovely.