Thursday, April 24, 2008

where the grace &simple truth of childhood go.

brian &i went to visit mr. clyde jackson browne last evening at the thousand oaks civic center.
&it was good.
April 23, 2008. Thousand Oaks, CA.


Jermaine & Tito Jackson said...
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lisa said...

Oh Clyde Jackson? The very one? Sigh and double sigh. I saw him twice at the LA Forum (too big) then once at Santa Barbara County Bowl (on a summery night and I thought I was in heaven) and once in a fairly large concert hall in Belfast (not bad) and once at a tiny little club in Madrid. County Bowl and Madrid won, hands down.

I think that must have been the perfect stress releaser :-)

nelly said...

I was supposed to join Mrs. Borden at that concert in Madrid, but something did not allow me to do so. I cannot remember what it is, but now I think it is silly.

lisa said...

Yes, the plan was for it to be date with Trevor and then he felt he had to be at this soccer tournament with his team. We all regretted that, though it seemed important at the time. Then we thought you could come and I don't remember if it was a cash issue or if it was a too much to do issue. Probably both. So I took the long bus ride by myself and Heather-in-Madrid went with me.