Monday, April 28, 2008


some days i wish you had better hand writing.
&more ways to smile than those upturned corners of your (sometimes) chapped lips.
some days it is too hot to be out of doors,
so i turn off the lights when it becomes dark,
and lie on my bed as helpless as the day i met you, World.
some days i am sorry for the ways i have comforted You.
&wish that i could create a new soul for that mistreated clay.
i tried-wanted-did. honest!
some days i am too busy thinking about the future
to remember what it means to exist.
some days i don`t talk to You.
some days i don`t read Your letters.
some days.
oh! i am certainly sorry for that!


joshua said...

i can i identify with this. a lot actually. thanks

joshua said...

yeah i saw it last night, and i really liked it