Tuesday, April 22, 2008


no one lets you yell around here.

no one says "it`s okay" to raise your voice &kick your legs &throw your face in to a pillow.
no one lets you cry because you are exhausted and overworked.
&it was finally starting to grow, to blossom a little white petal,
but you wouldn`t let it.
because every one else is tired too, right?
&that makes it so wrong?

because i don`t want to sing this song any more.


d.l.s. said...

Go ahead and throw a fit.
Then they'll catch it like a common cold and then everyone can finally recuperate, together.

lisa said...

Almost done...


We do tend to hold things in too much.

I used to say, "Some day I'm going to cry really hard about this."

I try to cry quicker now.

Nelly said...

I promise the real world isn't like this. And. It is good to cry.

Nelly said...

I promise the real world isn't like this. (At least what I've known of it.) And. It is good to cry.

nelly, redundant said...

oh look I doubly commented! here is another.

I promise that in the real world you don't have to pay for this sort of stress. You get stress, yes, but generally you get paid for it. Which is a whole nother thing altogether.